Marius Gaidampas

pencil portraits

Pencil portraits and drawings



My name is Marius Gaidampas and i love drawing, since i can remember.

I'm a self taught pencil artist and my work is mostly based on pencil portraits, due to my clients interest in this type of artwork but i qually do other pencil drawings such as nature, static objects, due to my personal interest.

My passion for pencil drawings started many years ago, but it was mostly a game, i just loved the idea to be able to lay down my emotions, on a piece of paper, with nothing but a common pencil. From simple sketches - some better, others worse, i managed to move up to more complex drawings...but my momentum for this beautiful art, started to fade away as other priorities were beginning to take shape in my life.

The passion for Art and drawing, was re lit by a happy incident, when a good friend of mine asked me to draw a pencil portrait for his little son. Shortly after that, he asked me if i could drew some more portraits for a few enthusiastic moms, from this point to commissions, being just a small step.

My low quality Chinese pencils, bad plastic erasers and ordinary paper were replaced by high quality art materials and long hours of studying, in order to offer my clients exceptional artworks.

All commissions, either they are pencil portraits or pencil drawings, expensive or less expensive, simple drawings or complex drawings, they all recieve the same amount of attention and they all are treated like masterpieces. Each drawing recieves a tiny bit of my soul, that's why i will always cooperate with you, i will guide you in choosing the best image to immortalize on paper and i will counsel you such that, the end result to be a spectacular one!

You are most welcome to take a look through my gallery of pencil portraits and drawings and if what you see suits your taste, don't hesitate to contact me !