Marius Gaidampas

pencil portraits


How do i order?


To place your order for a pencil portrait or a pencil drawing, all you have to do is to fill the Contact Form below


In "Message" send informations about desired dimension of the portrait/drawing,  delivery adress and if necessary, the deadline o completion.


Time to completion : Between 3-10 days, according to existing commissions. If i can't take your order right away, i will inform you about my availability.


Demands :Please send a very clear photo (good resolution, too). It would be better if you could send at least two, three photos, so I can decide which one is more suitable for a portrait. The more detail in the face the better.  Remember, the details of the final portrait are directly related to the quality  of the photographs you sent.

Upon completion, you will be sent a preview of your portrait via email.